UI/UX Designer & Illustrator

GREE Games



GREE was where I got my first start as a UI Designer working on mobile games. My first assignments were mainly to create unique icons for some of GREE’s RPG titles as well as production work.


Project: Blackbird

Dragon Realms Icons


Lockbox event icons

My first assignment when I was at GREE was to create unique Lockbox icons. Lockbox Events were a large part of the GREE RPG titles: Crime CityModern War & Kingdom Age. These events were held mainly over weekends or holidays. Players would try and find these Lockboxes and collect the various "Tokens" or treasures inside the lockboxes for rewards.


Miscellaneous UI work

Some extra work that I got to work on for GREE came in the form of a G-Labs project called: Keepers Of Olympus. These games were similar to Hackathon projects that took place over a month rather than just a few days. It was fast-paced and fun while allowing members from different teams to all pitch in to create something unique. Some other work shown below are my UI test screens that ultimately got me hired on as a UI Designer.